About us
OnPay is a new generation cross-border payment service provider based on the blockchain technology. It was founded in 2020 and is registered in Singapore as VOLATILITY SMILE TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. It’s headquarters are in Shanghai with an office in Yiwu.
OnPay provides cross-border payment services for transactions involving international trade, e-commerce, cross-border advertising and many more. OnPay not only helps businesses reduce payment friction and resolve collection difficulties, but also helps them minimize the risks, delays and costs of their cross-border transactions.
The blockchain technology allows for direct transactions, hence bypassing slow and expensive intermediary banks. Instant and convenient cross-border payments are now possible, with the added benefits of improved security and predictability thanks to anonymous yet traceable blockchain transactions.
OnPay’s fiat reserves are safeguarded in a licensed trust held by an internationally renowned custodian banks and are reviewed regularly by independent audit firms.
OnPay’s founding team members are graduates from Tsinghua University and Columbia University and have over ten years experience with leading Internet companies and Wall Street hedge funds. OnPay is rich with resources and experience in finance, blockchain technology and IT firms.
OnPay provides solutions for enterprises facing high risks, long delays and high costs with their old-school international trade transactions. Our goal is to enable small and medium enterprises to fully achieve their potential thanks to safer and more efficient cross-border transactions.